Update #1

The preliminary results (at 1216 responses) show that we have a clear favourite trope! I have lots of thoughts on that in this week’s Trope Tuesday video on YouTube.

To break down some of the numbers I talk about in the video more specifically, here’s a fun list of the tropes sorted by median and by average.

A screenshot of an excel file with the ranking results. This image links to a text page with the full list.

Sorted by median results, The Grumpy One is Soft for the Sunshine-y One is the closest to #1 in overall ranking (median of all 1216 responses for that trope). By average, Opposites Attract edges it out.

And at the bottom? Always Love Triangle, but I think there’s a lot of positive data to pull from this in that regards, and I go into that in some detail in the video.